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..the importance of offering your customers the highest level of quality that you're capable of. With quality, detail and efficiency being the primary focus Moen Works has developed and is now offering it's Carbide Platen. This solution makes it possible to enjoy an significant upgrade to both your quality and efficiency of your knife making; allowing you to create your finest work in a easily repeatable manner with controllable consistency.

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...introducing Moen Works Rotary Cooled Carbide Platen that can advance your knifemaking years ahead of your current ability and give you the opportunity to produce award winning knives.

* Imagine standing in front of your grinder, flat grinding a knife progressing through grits 2000+ into polished blades, needing only to do a quick buff for a true mirror.

* Imagine having a platen that requires very little maintenance, no ceramic/glass plates, and will rarely ever need to be replaced in your lifetime.

* Imagine grinding a blade with precision years beyond your current skill level. Better symmetry, smoother grinds, and the ability to do it faster than ever before.

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Moen Works Rotary Cooled Carbide Platen Solves The Heat and Belt Bump Problem:

Anyone flat grinding on a belt grinder knows the typical downfalls of a standard flat platen: heat and belt bump. As knifemakers we deal with friction all day, and as you know, friction equals heat. Heat can burn steel and ruin your temper. Currently you're limited to a maximum of 220 grit belt finishing on your knives using a traditional flat platen. As the grits get finer, the seam of the belt becomes more pronounced and you get "belt bump". Aside from being annoying, it prevents you from getting a clean and consistent grind, and your finish will suffer for it. The Moen Works Rotary Cooled Carbide Platen solves both these problems.

If producing award winning knives and becoming efficient enough to be a financially stable knifemaker is your goal, then grab yourself a Carbide Platen - Click here for more information.

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