Larry Barber

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About The Member

Retired Army Officer

  • 82nd Airborne Division
  • 7th Special Forces
  • Senior Parachutist and Jumpmaster Instructor

Member of the American Bladesmithing Society

  • Seven years experience making knives

Goal:  Make knives that look  good , but are also tough and perform well

Latest News about Me

I personally make all my knives.
I do not put handles on water jetted blades that others have cutout, ground and heat treated.
I hammer forge many of my knives.
Damascus blades are cut to shape from damascus stock then ground and heat treated.  This insures the damascus pattern is not distorted as it might be if forging the blade to shape.
Some blades with a pattern that does not lend itself well to forging to shape are also cut out from high carbon steel and ground to finished shape before heat treating. 

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